Dear Alabama Seniors, We Want to Help

Simple Reverse Blog Posts(Dear AL)
How Simple Reverse is helping Seniors navigate financial hardships in retirement.

The seniors in Alabama are on record for being among the nation's hardest-working people in the United States.  We know this to be true because we are also from Alabama and believe that putting in a hard day's work is a moral imperative.

The challenge we see is that Seniors may be working because they don’t have any choice.  According to the Census, over 27% of all Seniors over 60 still work a job.  That isn’t necessarily a negative thing.  We all need a reason to get up in the morning.  We need purpose. So, if you are one of those folks that take great pride in your work and desire a place to go and be productive, then we commend you!

We know that growing older isn’t for the weak. The challenges we face today in America impact everyone, but our seniors are seeing considerable setbacks from inflation, fixed incomes, increased cost of housing, and health care. While no individual is alike, many suffer from the same circumstances.  We are well acquainted with these challenges and believe there is a way to navigate them by finding genuine professionals specializing in them.

Here is another fun fact about seniors from Alabama.  About 80% own a home. 

Some may still be paying a mortgage, but many have it completely paid off. There are many schools of thought about home ownership and how or if to leverage it in retirement.  Most Seniors are aware of the reverse mortgage product or Home Equity Line of Credit (HECM), but many don’t know how it would be applied to them.

Simple Reverse Lending is the leader of reverse mortgage lending in Birmingham, AL.  For over a decade, our dedicated mortgage professionals have specialized in lending for seniors nationwide from all walks of life in every situation and circumstance imaginable. Our goal is to help seniors understand the ins and outs of how this dynamic product could help them reach their financial and housing goals. Here are three ways we like to work with Seniors.

1. No Pressure – It is not for everyone. We don’t need to sell you anything.  We aim to walk through every step of the process and ensure every detail is understood. We encourage everyone to move at their own pace and thoughtfully assess everything to make the right decision.

2. Everyone is invited – What we mean that if you have a financial advisor, realtor, or adult children helping, we are happy to speak with them and answer their questions. Most financial and real estate professionals still need to be educated on how the reverse mortgage product works. We encourage involvement to ensure that all parties can be comfortable in the process.

3. Make It Simple – While every circumstance is different, we aim to make the reverse mortgage process as simple as possible. We know that Seniors are likely already experiencing enough hardships, and we have no interest in piling on. Our mortgage professionals specialize in this product and will likely know how to guide you through every step of the process to help you reach your goals.


Dear Alabama.  Dear Birmingham and seniors, we are excited about serving you.

We know you have many questions, but we have the answers. We know that much information is available online, and you may understand how a reverse mortgage works.  Every year the product shifts and changes a little, so there is likely some information you’re unaware of that could help.  Again, our goal is to help our community flourish despite its challenges. Like you, we take great pride in our work and believe we should work together to build a better community.

If you have questions about lending and the reverse mortgage product, please get in touch with or go to our website,