Meet the Team-David Karcher


The team at Simple Reverse Lending is a happy family of diverse and hard-working people who care about helping others navigate through an important time in their lives- Retirement!

That’s why we want to highlight our team members each month and give you a glimpse of our incredible reverse mortgage specialists.

Meet David

David Karcher grew up on a farm in Nevada, OH, as the oldest of three siblings.  Nothing in life teaches you the meaning of hard work and discipline like growing up on a farm, and David has carried that work ethic throughout his career.

This 20+ year mortgage veteran joined the reverse mortgage space in 2010 when the entire mortgage industry collapsed.  Nonetheless, David enjoyed the grind of the mortgage industry and helping people find a home.  In 2010, David stumbled into a new mortgage world at Wells Fargo.  Wells Fargo was one of the US's most prominent reverse mortgage companies, and David had found his match.

Ever since, David has helped hundreds of seniors find a new beginning through the reverse mortgage product. His ability to explain the nuances of the product separates him from most forward and reverse mortgage professionals.  Loan officers, Realtors,  and even real estate attorneys from all over the country consult with Mr. Karcher about the reverse mortgage product, which is why he is licensed in over 30 states.

We asked David “What is the best part of your job?  Why do you enjoy it?”

“Mortgages can be very transactional,” David says.  “What I love about doing reverse mortgages is that every closed loan that I’ve been a part of, represents a ‘changed life.’ What I mean by that is this….The difference this program makes in the lives of a senior, results in improved cash flow, lower risk, less stress, and a better quality of life every single time. That is something that can not be quantified in a rate or a fee.”

David Karcher is the Reverse Mortgage Guru.  He is known nationwide for his broad mortgage expertise and understanding of reverse mortgage applications. When he is not helping seniors navigate this product, we asked David what else he might consider himself to be a “guru” on?

“To my closest family and friends, I’m a Guru on the smoker and charcoal grill. Outside of work, I enjoy the art of smoking meat, being a pontoon boat captain and power-lifting. Whenever possible, I’m taking a ride on the lake with my two-year old grandson, or cooking up something delicious on the smoker, just spending time with family.”

David has found a home in Birmingham, Alabama, and is proud to help seniors all over the United States.  Whether you are a working senior, have medical expenses, need to pay off debt, or improve your cash flow in retirement, a reverse mortgage may be an exciting option.  Reverse mortgages can be challenging to understand, so working with a dedicated reverse mortgage specialist like David is essential to reach your goals.

“David, what is your best advice to seniors looking to retire?”

“To every senior reading this post….Learn more about utilizing home equity to supplement your retirement years!  After working all those years in the workforce, don’t go into retirement thinking that social security and/or whatever other pension/retirement incomes sources will be enough. Every senior needs to research and understand the positive impact a reverse mortgage can make on their retirement situation.”

David adds..”All too often, clients come to me almost too late…when all the other resources have been depleted or when they’ve lost a spouse, or a medical situation has occurred, before giving this program its due consideration…..don’t be that senior.”

If you want to learn more about the reverse mortgage product, go to the professional that other professionals seek and contact David KarcherThe Reverse Mortgage Guru.