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The application process was quite lengthy, both verbal and written. Most of it was done via email. There was the consultation that we received from a group in Florida, which was verbal. The rate was fair and it was fair market value. If I didn’t have friends in the markets, it would have absolutely driven me crazy with the feds and all they did. But having the people there, and the management and professionals really, really helped a lot with the anxiety. Right now, I’m very happy with the process.


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Once I talked to the reps at Simple Reverse, signing up sounded like a pretty good idea. I had to fill out a bunch of stuff during the application like my W2 and about what social security paid me, and the rep who helped me was thorough about telling me what I needed to hear or what it was all about. The terms of the loan were good enough and working with Simple Reverse helped me out.


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The process with Simple Reverse was pretty fair. It took four months and I was expecting it to be a long process. It was also difficult to upload the documents they asked for but they helped me a whole lot. All in all, working with them made my life a little easier.


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Simple Reverse has helped considerably as far as financial issues go. It took two weeks to get all the paperwork done. And we had the notary come to the house. So, it worked fine. We were pleased.


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The application process took a while and it was a lot of paperwork but it was all right and the rep who helped me was great.


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The reps went it over with us that we can pay the loan back when we can afford to and if we were to sell, we’d have to pay the loan off. If we sold the house or if something happened to us and our children had the house, then they’d have to sell it and then pay off that loan. We had some minor repairs that needed to be done so the application and underwriting process took a little while. Andrew, the rep, helped us through the whole thing. He answered all of our questions and walked us through everything. He told us what we needed to do and what needed to be done. Working with Simple Reverse helped us a lot and it was a very positive experience.